Welcome to RGM Patent Services LLC. We provide patent agent services, including assistance with determining patentability of your idea and applying for patent protection in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Ideas for useful inventions should be protected by patent if the subject matter of the invention is patentable. To best protect yourself, you should file for patent protection as early as you can when the invention is ready for patenting, and before disclosing your invention to others.

We specialize in helping you evaluate whether your idea is a patentable invention, and if so, with the preparation and filing of a U.S. patent application to protect the invention.

We can assist with:

*Assessment of whether your idea meets the basic statutory conditions for patentability, including novelty, nonobviousness, and utility

*Assistance with prior art searching to determine the “state of the art” in the technological area most pertinent to your invention. The subject matter of an invention must be compared to the existing state of the art. We can assist you with obtaining a proper patent search, and with evaluation of the patent search results to help you make an informed decision whether to go forward with a patent application.

*Assistance with preparation of a patent application, and filing and prosecution of the patent application in the USPTO.